Monday, August 23, 2010

Iowa City Iowa...we've arrived (and so have 4,500 Freshman students (plus upper classmen) to U of I.)

We are moved into our rented place (hello 'stuff', hello bed...we've missed you these past 3 months, hello just the two of us), the students have arrived (wow...they are everywhere!), I got a job (a barista at a coffee shop called Bread Garden & Market, so very thankful for it!!), our car got towed today while I was at work (so fun to walk up to the parking lot and your car is gone after a 6am to 2pm shift), SALT (the college ministry) starts THIS wednesday, Veritas meetings on Sunday nights have grown so much(!), the students are back ("like, oh my gosh" said in a valley girl voice), my Mom came to visit for a week last week (and clean things that I didn't even know existed in our place...thanks mom!), the Ruckus we bought (used, cheap, our 2nd 'vehicle') in mid June has only had to be filled with gas twice (Yey!) and have I mentioned the students are back?

That was a recap in a sentence of our past 23 days...I will upload pictures from the summer etc sometime this week :)

Miss you all!

PS-Our house still hasn't sold, please continue to pray for that...thank you thank you thank you.