Friday, February 11, 2011

Prayer Request-House!!

Hello Friends and Family!!

A PRAYER REQUEST! We have a CASH offer in for our house! We're going to be submitting paper work to the Bank this weekend, so here's how you can pray specifically:

-The bank accepts the new offer

-The buyer (who is a Christian and knows some of our story this past year) will continue to go through with the purchase

-Everything goes smoothly and the house is out of our hands by the end of this month!

We're so thankful for our prayer warriors out there and all of you who have been on this "exciting" journey with us. I'm trying to not be cynical or jaded about any past offers or how we've had our hopes up numerous times. I believe God is doing all this in HIS PERFECT TIMING.

"Answer me when I call to you, O my righteous God. Give me relief from my distress; be merciful to me and hear my prayer."-Psalm 4.1

We love you guys,

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Blizzard in 2011 and I'm not talking about Dairy Queen.

Our 1st BIG Blizzard happened in Iowa City! It snowed all day yesterday with tons of wind to go with it. *This morning I was supposed to work at 6am and I ended up back in bed by 6:10 because I attempted to drive to work and I guess I beat the plows for day. *I slept in cause I'm trying to kick a cold I've had for a week.*I went for my walk and the following is what I saw...

tiny paths to follow

pretty trees
the snow was past my knees!
thats our place behind all that snow

8 degrees never looked so pretty to me.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another perk of living in the Midwest...

One of my BFF's from
College lives 'close'!

My bf from college called me to see if I could 'meet' her in Minneapolis (Fargo, where she lives is 3 hours and I'm about 5 hours...totally do-able!) this past weekend and I was able to! Her and Blake (her husband) were going to be there visiting some other friends so her and I got together at this cute cafe Saturday morning in White Bear Lake, MN. I unfortunately had a HORRIBLE cold (and I don't take anything being pregnant) so I felt like it was all a dream! But I'm SO thankful for our time together friend!

This is A picture of Keys Cafe. From google images. In the summer. Ha! It wasn't this sunny in Minnesota! I'll get this "take-a-picture-of-everything-for-your-blog thing down!

Half way there!

Baby T at 20 weeks! Our little thinker. Oh, and check out that bicep. ;)

Happy New Year!

Jeff and I had a couple open days around New Years so we took a 'quick' spontaneous trip to Lincoln Nebraska! We stopped over at the Kirk's house before their new years party and felt like we had a party with their daughters, Amani & Finley. Jeff and Troy have been friends since high school and it' always SO nice to see him, his wife Chelsey, and their adorable family.

We had a dance performance.
We made this trip to see 'off' the Harmons who were leaving for Madrid, Spain for 5 years. They are church planters through Avant and we're so sad they have left but we're so excited for all they are going to be doing! Hasta Harmons!

Snapshots of Christmas in Iowa

Our Couples Connection Group 'Ugly Christmas Sweater Party'! We've had such a great time getting to know these people!
A more serious "decent" one. :)

Weckerly Christmas here in Iowa! More pictures to come from Mom's camera!

Jeff in awe of all baby's gifts!
One would think, I've been REALLY good this year, but truth be told, a lot of those are Baby T's gifts. :)
Baby's 1st UND shirt (University of North Dakota)! Sorry Angela, I know you're cringing! Uncle Jordan's started baby's wardrobe off!

Thanksgiving in California

The 'reasons' we 'HAD' to go to the desert for Thanksgiving! The wedding of Josh Essig & Emily Fandino!
This handsome man was my partner to walk down the aisle! SO fun!
The Bride and me before wedding! Emily and I were roommates right before I got married and she was in our wedding. We met through the 20's group at Southwest and I'm SO GLAD for our friendship! Who else would laugh at my dumb jokes?! ;)
Some of the guys! Jeff had a blast hanging with these guys since they are his bff's (do guys say bff's?) from the desert.
The Bachelorette Party begins!

Ok, so this needs an explanation! For 2 reasons-1.) The 'older' gentlemen who I, the married pregnant one of the group is dancing with, is the Chef at the restaurant we ate at! He could really dance! He pointed me out and motioned me over so I couldn't resist! Ha! 2.) Emily is not picking her nose! She was adjusting her nose ring! :)
The Bride (who I've never seen dance!) dancing it up! It was such a fun and classy night! We were all out there without alcohol and innocently dancing (which if you usually see Bachelorette parties isn't the case :S).

Here is Thanksgiving Day. Jeff, Jesse Allen & Stu Rowland wrestling. And yes, this is the ONLY picture I got on Thanksgiving. Why?!

We were able to stop over to the Kudlac Casa for an evening of memories. They are such DEAR friends to us and their little girl Kruz is getting so big!
We had dinner & laughs & laughs & laughs, at my aunt Paula's house (she's the one next to me.). She had alot of baby name suggestions. There was MAYBE one serious one, the rest...will stay in our memories. ;)

Thank you to EVERYONE who made that trip such a fun one! We were wondering how it would 'feel' to 'go back' to California, and we can say that it was good to visit and yet we knew that we had made the right move to Iowa. (but we DOOOOOOO LOVE TO VISIT!! Especially in the winter!! :) )

One benefit to living in the midwest...

Family & Old Friends!!

Landon has got skills...

They mocked the Ruckus, yet couldn't wait to ride that hog.
A pic for the Christmas Card and because we love to take pictures! (Thanks to our Mom!)
Uncle Landon & Uncle Jordan! Telling them the exciting news! I think it was more weird for me to think of my brothers as uncles than for me to think of myself as a mom!
We have grapes in our upper lips. WE thought this was hilarious. Jeff thought we have a weird sense of humor.
Ryan, Jenee and Samuel Harmon came to visit in November! They were passing through on their way to Chicago and stayed over night with us twice! SO FUN!

Sam is such a little stud and with parents like his, it can't be hard!

A Picture Tour of Iowa City

His name is Herky. Herky the Hawk. Get to know it.
A Pic to show off all the trees! Oh how I can't wait to see those green trees again! (There's a blizzard outside as I type this!)
The River That Runs through it. (It being Iowa City of course)

Home Sweet Home. :)

It's a Baby!

Here is our first picture of Baby Thune at 10 weeks (October 22nd, 2010)!! We are SO EXCITED for this precious gift from God!